Unlock Design International Sdn Bhd has been awarded the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award: 2017-2018 Premier Edition in the Category of Business Connectivity.

The awards, which honors Malaysia’s most outstanding entrepreneurs, companies, and startups, was seen as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and a shining opportunity to recognize their entrepreneurial successes and efforts, on top of being a powerful platform on which entrepreneurs can meet, network and share business acumen with one another.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award is mandated by the Advisory Board and Official Auditor pooling together individuals renowned for their business acumen and authority in their respective fields from both the public and private sectors.

The award nominations have been met with an uproarious reception that recorded over 300 submissions, coming mostly from export-driven manufacturing and consumer services industries. Both sectors have accounted for over 47% of total submissions out of a grand total of 15 other industry categories altogether.

The SME & Entrepreneurship Business Awards was a joint effort between Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia (MyPreneurship) and event curator Hitman Solutions.  Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia (MyPreneurship) is a non-government organization established with a mission to gather, create and develop sustainable companies with strong entrepreneurship traits.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything that needs to be tweaked.



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