Unlock Design is a recruitment agency striving for maximum honesty and transparency in its operations. We value your trust, so this is our promise to you:

  • Our relationship is built on trust; there is no contract with us.
  • Privacy is paramount; we’ll always seek your consent before sharing any personal details with our clients or otherwise.
  • Communication is key; we tailor our contact to your preferences and will never bombard you with unwarranted calls or emails.
  • Transparency builds trust: we always provide comprehensive details about every opportunity, including salary range, position contents, location, and benefits. Client names are shared with their permission when possible.
  • We will always promptly notify you, properly prepare you, and give you constructive feedback as best we can at every step of the application and interview process.
  • We maintain open communication; we appreciate your professionalism and reciprocate with the same courtesy.